5 Essential Trouser Fabrics for Autumn Winter

Quite contrary to the title of this blog, the sunshine is here – no not the sun actually but the vaccination and steady opening up of our favourite places and sincerely-missed office space. We are hopeful the season is going to be right to dress up since we have been only dressing down. But as they say old habits die hard and living in a lockdown and being super comfortable in a ragged tee and shorts is going to take some time coming out of that mould. We certainly recommend “transition clothing”. Wear it loose but wear it hot! 

When it comes to trends, collections, fashion, there is no one-size-fits-all. Preferences, styles, colours, cuts all vary person-to-person and region-to-region as well. Our favourite in the upcoming festive, fall and winter season is certainly cotton and linen blends. So, what will be trending in transition clothing? It will be plains, neutral colours, simple cuts, plain weaves and not to mention easy fabrics that drape well and make you feel awesome and confident.

Our top 5 picks for men’s bottom wear :

men’s bottom wear
  1. Cotton: Cotton is always a staple, no matter the season. Try some cotton with spandex for relaxed clothing in neutral colours of khaki, beige, champagne, and navy blue. Having a blue coloured chinos is perfect replacement for jeans and this solid clothing piece is your fool proof key to sartorial bliss
  2. Cotton/Linen: Mostly blends do wonders not only in the look and feel but for the wallet too.  It is a great fabric to have in the wardrobe for business casuals and weekend dressing. Linen rich pants are a no-brainer choice in the wardrobe. 
  3. Tencel/Linen: Not many have experimented with this blend but believe you me, it gives the best drape and comfort. The softness of linen become better with every wash and the fall of Tencel makes the shorts or trousers drape well. Those white pants for ‘Sunday brunch’, this is it!
  4. Mock Linen: Get the chambray, slub look with mock linen in polyester or cotton. If you are in for the hassle-free look, then mock linen is certainly for you! 

Poly/Cotton/Linen: Our favourite multi-blend, especially for ethnic wear. But you can style it the way you like – chinos, trousers, joggers, cargo pants, Jodhpuri pants, etc.

Our top 5 picks for women’s bottom wear :

  1. Tencel/Linen: A light weight fabric blend for not only bottom-wear but also jackets and shackets. For bottom-wear, it is best suited for high waist pants or pants with wide leg cut. These trousers are a staple piece that you’ll love to team with crisp blouses and simple t-shirt alike. 
  2. 100% Linen: When you are thinking of transitioning into normalcy, you have to keep a pair of linen trousers as these are best suited as ‘transition clothing’. Though linen is not really a autumn winter fabric but if you are in a tropical country like India, it is a must-have. Lightweight linen offers comfy feel and easy maintenance.
  3. Cotton with Spandex: A solid dyed cotton stretch pant is totally basic. Of course, this also includes that most awesome pair of denims. Team it with chic belt and white-tee and you are in the chic zone with total panache!
  4. 100% Polyester:  If you a returning to work then may be having a pair of a regular fit, ankle length or a high waist pants are good options. Look out for the neutral colours. Slim fit capris can be great for a chill afternoon or weekend dressing. In capris you can experiment with small checks too.    

Light slubs in cotton/linen: These cotton rich pants can be uber comfort for a manic Monday or to beat the mid-week blues. The colour black is the best pick for these cotton-rich pants. Look for a relaxed mid-rise waist and a drawstring fastening. The pants are great for work look, adding a casual comfort. Pair it with a blouse or colourful cami and some platform sandals.

Yes, we are raring to get out there and enjoy some normalcy like before. So before you do, prep up your wardrobe and keep the comfort too. What we like about this whole opening up right now is best of both worlds ?