Linen Classic

Nothing compares the look and elegance of pure linen at home. We provide linen classics in plain and dobby in various counts suitable for curtains and drapery.


  • Design no.: 25 lea, 40 lea, 60 lea 
  • Weight: 90-200 GSM
  • Composition:  100% Linen
  • Width: 54-58”


Make that exquisite embroidery stand out with this linen blended and Tencel-rich fabric. Tencel in the fabric gives it the right bounce and flowy look, best suited for curtains.


  • Design no.: 3008A
  • Weight: 238 gsm 
  • Blend: Tencel/Linen: 75/25 
  • Width: 58”


Herringbone gets a twist with this dobby fabric. Gives a calm and soothing vibe to curtains, cushions and more.


  • Design no.: 5350
  • Weight   : 258 gsm
  • Blend: Cotton/ Polyester
  • Width    : 58”


Clean and simple stripes of this textured fabric for that conservative but stylish home. Try out our natural base with coloured stripes fabrics.


  • Design no.: Pinstripe
  • Weight  : 215 gsm 
  • Blend: Polyester/ Cotton
  • Width    : 58”


Our abstract printed sheer curtain to bring a dash of fun to the window frame.


  • Design no.: 8332
  • Shade: greige and printed
  • Weight: 96 gsm 
  • Composition: 100% Polyester
  • Width: 60”


A unique linen look fabric for sheer curtains. Available in three colours of white, beige and natural. Make your embroidery designs exquisite with this fabric base.


  • Design no.: Venus
  • Shades: white, beige, natural
  • Weight: 95 gsm 
  • Composition:  Polyester/Cotton
  • Width: 58”


A canvas look fabric for furniture upholstery, curtains, and cushions. Embroider, dye or print, the base will never disappoint your designing strengths.


  • Design no.:5200
  • Shades: Greige
  • Weight : 282 gsm
  • Composition: Polyester/Cotton
  • Width  : 62”

Ocean PD

A polyester cotton blended fabric in linen look. Gives a winter or chambray look on polyester dyeing. An affordable replacement for linen. It is a good pick for curtains, cushion and pillow covers.


  • Design no.: Ocean PD
  • Shade: Greige
  • Weight: 204 gsm 
  • Composition: Polyester/Cotton
  • Width: 62”


Make sheer curtains a staple in your collection with this yarn dyed fabric available in fifteen colours. A good base for value additions like embroidery and printing.


  • Design no.: 8333
  • Weight: 117 gsm 
  • Composition:  100 % Polyester
  • Width: 58”


Get the linen-look drapes in earthy coloured stripes. The timeless dobby with tactile slub feel adds sophistication to your living space.


  • Design no.: Alta
  • Weight: 220 GSM
  • Composition:  Poly/Cotton
  • Width: 54-58”

Shining Star

Mock linen sheers in soothing palette and delicate textures and designs will add a tactile quality to the contemporary styles.  



  • Design no.: Shining Star
  • Weight: 120-150 GSM
  • Composition:  100% Polyester
  • Width: 54-58”


Natural hues of linen to elevate the chic quotient of your bedroom or living room. Enhance the vibe with embroidery or print or use it as plain sheer. 


  • Design no.: 8402/03
  • Weight: 135 GSM
  • Composition: Cotton/Lyocell/Linen
  • Width: 54-58”


Get the linen-look with this light-weight fabric for your window curtains, and roman blinds. The base offers a slubby canvas for large or small motifs in print or embroidery.


  • Design no.: Polo
  • Weight: 192 GSM
  • Composition: Cotton/Poly
  • Width: 54-58”


Embroidery like dobby design on natural linen blended drapery fabric. Enjoy this viscose blended aesthetics to infuse calm and harmony.  


  • Design no.: 8405
  • Weight: 278 GSM
  • Composition: Cotton/Viscose/Linen
  • Width: 54-58”


Textured vertical cord weave for the perfect fall for drapery. While the fabric lends a natural feel, it also adds the right amount of character to the drapes.  



  • Design no.: 8373
  • Weight: 273 GSM
  • Composition: Cotton/Poly/Viscose/Linen
  • Width: 54-58”


Get a rugged and rustic look with these linen blended drapes. Ideal for windows needing a seamless fusion with contemporary interiors.


  • Design no.: 8319, 8323
  • Weight: 270-300 GSM
  • Composition: Cotton/Poly/Viscose/Linen
  • Width: 54-58”