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Types of Fabrics That Are Best For Your Home Decor

What uplifts your mood when you enter your home after a tiring day? Certainly not the “fabrics” or “drapes” but yes how your couch looks beautifully inviting to unwind and watch Netflix may be or if you have a pet then certainly its love and warmth. Sometimes, while we are doing up our home from a scratch or only renovating it, we pay little attention to the type of fabric or print, or color. But believe me, it can make a whole lot of difference in uplifting the mood and vibe of your place with home decor. 

From bath linens and sheets to drapes and upholstery, fabrics play a vital role in interior design. Though, a variety of different textile materials are suitable for various roles within the design of a home. 

A well-established home furnishing fabric supplier in India offers you a wide selection of materials to pick from. What works the best as your curtain panel may not look perfect as an upholstery fabric. Similarly, the material you choose for your table linens might be entirely different from the bed covers and bedsheets.

Let’s have a look at a variety of home furnishing fabrics that can complement your interior design:

Dobby Fabrics

Home Decor Linen

Linen needs no introduction as it is a timeless fabric and keeps making its way back into trends every now and then. Linen is like wine, just gets better with age. Longer usage of linen makes it soft and super comfortable. This fabric is absorbent, lightweight, durable, and breathable. 

  • The natural firmness of linen makes it an ideal choice for curtains, sofas, accent chairs, commercial wallcoverings, and lampshades. 
  • The fast-drying time and the smoothness of this fabric are adept for usage in commercial sheets, bedding, tablecloths, cushion covers, napkins, pillow covers, towels, and more. 
  • Linen is a premium fabric and spells luxury and minimalism. 
  • You can get this material in a wide selection of textures, so it is a good way to add an earthy aesthetic and visual attention to your space
  • Linen creases with ease. While it is advisable to have upholstery for Sofa, pouffes, other seating and drapes cleaned professionally, other applications of the fabric can easily be machine washed at home. 


If you are choosing to include silk in your home furnishing then you must know that it is a royalty fabric and require lots of care and maintenance. On the bright side, it is hypoallergenic so can be a good addition if you are prone to allergies. Use it in a non-high traffic area in the house as a statement piece as its texture and visual appeal makes it a center of attraction for everyone. 


Cotton is a natural fiber fabric and attains the top rank in utilitarian comfort. Gratefully, India has ample cotton production centers that produce a wide-ranging quality of cotton. It is an easily accessible fabric that is great for curtains, upholstery, bed linens, etc. 

  • Cotton fabrics are also available in linen-look now so to be budget-friendly you may opt for linen-looking 100% cotton fabrics 
  • Like most other fabrics, cotton is also a great base for value additions like printing, patterns, dobby, and dyeing. 
  • Cotton fabrics are also easy to maintain so are fuss-free fabrics. 


Polyester is one fabric that has several uses 

  • It is easy to maintain and wash and makes a wonderful canvas for color and print patterns. 
  • This fabric doesn’t have pores and thus has a soft finish but makes it less breathable. So, it makes a great choice for curtains, cushions, and light traffic seating. 
  • In addition, it does not wrinkle easily, therefore, beautifully adorns your furniture. 
  • It is a superb material that you can use to embellish decorative stuff by being firm support for your curios to place on.  

It is easy to find polyester blended fabrics as well to enhance the look and feel, especially with different dyeing techniques. 

Whether you are searching for wrinkle-resistance, color, strength, or a preeminent look, there are splendid types of materials that you can purchase from a genuine home furnishing fabric supplier in India. You can discover some striking material options even on a limited budget.