Redo your Room: Seasonal makeover tips

With the season changing from blazing heat to soothing monsoon, or in the case of Mumbai, less blazing heat and more gloom, a makeover is warranted. As the colour palette in nature transitions from bright colours and bold patterns to shades of grey, blue and green outdoors, we recommend beating the gloom with some micro-dobby patterns with a bright pastel palette.

Regardless of whether the climate or the ‘gram have influenced you to change up the room, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first and most important thing to keep in mind is your lifestyle. Your lifestyle influences what you buy, when you buy it and why you buy it.

A minimalistic or Scandinavian style may be low maintenance in terms of décor items, colour palette, grooves, and style, but be careful of maintaining light coloured home décor. For some who move around a lot, style trends may take a backseat to timeless pieces, such as plain fabrics and classic decorations that can easily mesh with any kind of setting and yet look fresh. 

Make small changes with a big impact to spruce up the aesthetics of your space.

Throw Cushions 

Cushions are a great way to make subtle but visually striking changes. Scatter your sofa or lounging nook with vibrant prints and colours to beat the rainy gloom. Botanical and fauna prints in pastel colours can be a refreshing change. You can try some self-textured fabric cushions in vivid colours as well.

Styling the cushions can be very important to make every colour, texture, print have its own aesthetic space. Sandwich the striking ones between plains. Balance the bold patterns with neutrals.

Pick your style from a wide range of cushions available online and in offline boutique stores.

Rugs and Throws 

Right up there with cushions, rugs and throws make the space a lot cosier and break the staleness of the space. Throws are a great way to mask monotony and offer comfort on a heavy rainy day. Throws can blend in any season and can be timeless functional pieces adorning your décor.

Rugs, though not changed frequently can be changed for bedrooms or nooks. Small sized rugs can offer versatility to the space. Go for either textured or printed but soft hand-feel rugs for a cozy morning start.  

Try some hand knotted rugs and throws for adding an authentic vibe to the place.


We love curtains – sheers, drapery, embroidered, printed and what not!

The thing with curtains is that you have the field to play around with colours and patterns here, as well as layering. You could choose to do only sheers, with some embroidery for personality or layer them behind plain drapery for a multifunctional set of curtains that serve the purpose for both a lighter and heavier look. Another option is to go for plain drapery, or add texture and patterns. 

Changing curtains can be tedious but we recommend experimenting with some mock linens, cord embroidered and abstract print designs for the monsoon makeover. 

Fabric Wall Hanging

Just like macrame, fabric wall hangings can be a great idea to add to vacant walls or may be a niche in the house. Pick a striking pattern or a combination of pattern and colour to breathe a fresh look to the room. Budget friendly, low maintenance and of course feel-good, look-good thing to have.

You can obviously do more like add a plant or two more, may be a bonsai. Add some of your pictures may be from a recent summer vacation. We love monsoon and hope you enjoy redoing your décor as much as we all love the anticipation of first showers and the monsoon itself. Go on and make your home tad bit cosier, happier, and vibrant!