Why Linen is the perfect fabric for summer

As the temperature rises and summers start approaching , we start feeling the need to switch up our wardrobe and select fabrics that keep us cool and comfortable in the sweltering heat . When it comes to the perfect summer fabric, nothing beats linen. Let’s look at some reasons as to why linen is the perfect fabric for summers.


  1. Breathable – Linen is a breathable fabric which allows air to flow, making it an ideal choice for summers. Linen fibres are hollow which means they absorb moisture and emancipate it quickly. Thus, allowing your skin to stay cool and breathe.
  2.     Durable – . Linen is impervious to dirt, stains and mildew. So, you can wear it offers a better longevity.
  3. Versatile – Linen is a versatile fabric which is available in a wide range of textures and colours. Linen can be styled with a variety of summer clothing apparels. It is perfect for skirts, suits, dresses, shirts, pants, jackets, lounge wear, and more.
  4. Stylish – Linen has a slub-like texture which gives it a quintessential and timeless look. It is synonymous with sophistication and grace. You can style the linen clothing with accessories that suit your vibe and personality. It is a no fuss material with a high style quotient.

So allow some linen or its blends in your wardrobe for comfort clothing.