Shopping for Curtains

Curtains fill our house with vibrance and charm. They are made from various types of fabrics and choosing the right kind of material can complement the overall look and feel. Selection for the curtains depends on the cost you desire to invest, level of privacy, design, the level of maintenance and care. Here are a few types of fabric that you can consider while shopping for curtains – 

Sheer Curtain Fabric

Sheer fabric drapery is made from voile or chiffon fabric as well as from cotton and polyester, or a synthetic mix of both. The benefit of this is that it allows sunlight to shine through the fabric without disturbing the privacy of your room. They are mostly used in living rooms to drape windows aesthetically.

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Lace Curtain Fabric

These fancy curtains are produced from intricate lace panels which bring elegance to your room. They’re usually white in colour but you can also find them in other colours too. The lace is fragile so it’s paired with solid fabric for the purpose of blocking some light and air that passes through the window. Nowadays, you will find hybrid lace fabric that is a half sheer fabric and half lace. Lace curtains are for people who wish for fancy curtains. These kinds of curtains are usually attached to the windows of the living and bedrooms as it frames the overall look of the house. and you can check our collection of fabrics for curtains –

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Outdoor Curtain Fabric

Curtains are not just for indoors but also for the veranda. With the right outdoor fabric, you can even enjoy cloudy and rainy days. The fabric is thicker, and more durable in terms of light and colour fastness. It has a special type of coating on it, which makes it water-resistant as well as sun resistant. They’re available in various patterns and designs which improves the overall look of your curtain.

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Drapery Curtain Fabric

Drapery fabrics are common these days and are usually made of superior quality and they can be customized. The material includes cotton, damask, linen, polyester, velvet, or the blend of the above! The material utilized is heavy and thick which allows it to hang and lay firmly at your window. Drapery curtains are utilized in living rooms and bedrooms. The benefit of using drapery fabric is that you will get a superior quality curtain

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Silk Curtain Fabric

Silk Curtains add a luxurious vibe to your home decor. The fabric is delicate and they are in different patterns and colours which blends well with the home décor. They have intricately woven patterns and designs that gives them a subtle detail. The benefit of this kind of curtain is its luxury quotient.

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Velvet Curtain Fabric

If you wish to have a soft and smooth texture curtain then choose velvet fabric. It is made from cotton or polyester. It comes in several colours and patterns which makes it a well-rounded and versatile fabric to use for curtains. If added around the window, it can help in keeping warm air in your room and cool air outside the home during the long winter months.

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Linen Curtain Fabric

Linen or linen blended fabrics for curtains are timeless. Get a modern, vintage or boho look with this material. You can get a variety of colours, blends, patterns, sheer, semi sheer, and solid in this versatile material. It is well suited for living rooms but it can also be used for bedrooms, outdoors, and kitchens. Indoweave offers you Linen Fabrics –

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Cotton Curtain Fabric

Cotton fabrics are a no-brainer and cotton has been a staple in most of our households.. The fabrics come in several thicknesses and weights. The weight aids the fabric to hang well and often holds the pleat neatly. Over time several types of cotton fabrics, including linen-look cotton fabrics in sheer and solids are available. The benefit of this is that it is affordable. There are used indoors and outdoors.

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Environmental-friendly Curtain Fabric

As the name suggests these curtains are produced from environment-friendly materials such as recycled PET polyester, recycled cotton, or recycled linen/cotton. With several design innovations, you can catch hold of a variety of options in fabric designs, dobbies, patterns and textures. Indoweave offers its customers environmentally friendly fabrics. The benefit of this curtain is that promotes a green environment.

Which fabric is best for curtains?

While shopping for curtains it becomes necessary to choose the right fabric that best suits your room. Keep in mind the maintenance and application..

If you are someone who indulges in a luxurious and splendid home décor then opt for Linen or Silk curtains.

If your budget is low, then go for polyester or cotton curtains. They’re quite affordable. Both materials are easy to maintain at home as well. If you are someone who prioritises details and design then choose Lace curtains. They add an elegant look to your home décor.

If you wish for something recycled and eco-friendly material then go for environment-friendly curtains.