Say it with a Cushion!

Cushions play a pivotal role in the interior design of your home. The right choice of cushion can give an overall vibrant and luxurious look to your home décor.  A few tips and tricks to help you pick the right cushions.

Eco-friendly cushions

These days, eco-friendly cushions are in high demand. The benefit of eco-friendly cushions is that they help to promote a sustainable and greener environment.  Fabrics for cushions are being made from recycled polyester, cotton, hemp and bamboo and cotton blends.

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Contrast Colors

There are certain times when you purchase a new sofa, it comes along with a matching shade of cushions. Replace these matching cushions with cushions that contrast with the sofa’s shade. By doing so, it can create an eye-appealing look to your home décor as well as compliment the rest of the room. Believe it, it will create a magical effect on your entire room.

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Pick a colour palette

While picking a cushion it’s important to identify the right colour palette for your cushion. Picking the right colour for your cushion can create an impactful effect on your home décor. When choosing the colour, you should consider background texture, wall art, curtains or any exterior elements, they should blend well with the colour of your cushion.

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Pet-Friendly Cushions

My friend’s pet dog, Max, was allergic to cushions until he replaced them with a pet-friendly cushions. The main culprit for the allergic reaction was the filling. Animal beds are usually filled with synthetic or latex memory foam which can sometimes cause allergic reactions in your pets. Pet-friendly cushions have safe materials that will help to decrease the allergic reaction in your pets.

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Experiment with the material

Picking the right material for your cushion is extremely important. Experimenting with the material can add a lively and vivid look to your home décor. These are certain factors that should be taken into consideration;

  • It should match the curtains of your room
  • The material fabric of the cushion should be soft and comfortable
  • The essential thing that needs to be taken into consideration is that it should blend well with the background colour of your drawing room, wall art and any other elements that are there in your home
  • Materials like silk, leather and suede can give your room the edge that you’ve been carving
  • You can opt for cushions with unique designs in embroidery, sequins and applique for an ethnic look

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Customized Cushions

Customized cushions are trendy these days. Customized cushions can help you feel relaxed and serene. You can choose the size, shape, material and design for the cushion. For instance, there can be a flower-shaped cushion. Customized cushions can give you the feeling of luxurious home décor.

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Arrange the cushions in right manner

Arranging the cushions rightly can produce an impactful look to your home décor. If you want to follow the traditional route, you can place either one or two sets of matching cushions at each end. For a more modern look, you can combine them. If you aren’t confident enough in your styling then you can stick to 3-5 cushions in different arrangements. You can play with different combinations.

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Opting for the right set of cushions can overall uplift the interior look and vibe.