Upholstery Fabrics

Upholstery Fabrics For Luxury Homes

Some like plain jane elegance, some go for the vintage affair, some for traditional and cultural and some may like a hint of shimmer to their home decor. Luxury can be spelt out through all and it is built it into the persona of the home through small elements like furniture, its upholstery, lighting, wall mounts, accents, plants and of course the personal collectibles of the homeowner.

Whether minimalism or grandeur, a good décor is always a conversation starter and result of painstaking selection of every aspect from couch to colour, from furnishing fabric to the false ceiling, from statement pieces to the arches and angles. In this article, we shall be reading about some of the most exquisite upholstery fabrics provided by the upholstery fabrics manufacturers in India and around the world, which you can use for cushions, curtains, rugs, sofas, etc. 

Elegance of Linen

It is sturdy, breathable, looks classy and is a timeless luxury fabric. Natural base linen is a no-brainer selection and a safe bet. In linen too you can go with textured look that will add a relaxed look without compromising on the extravagance quotient. Linen when blended with other natural fibres like cotton, viscose, tencel makes it more soft and comfortable and sometimes also adds some lustre. Although the flax plant is not grown in India but the mastery of fabric designs is sure displayed by several linen fabric manufacturers in India.

Velvet Vibe

For a very long time, velvets have been in fashion for high-end furniture upholstery because of the soft touch and aristocratic look. It comes in 100% polyester in trendy colours of deep blue, silver, copper-beige, jade green and more. If you are looking only for a supreme luxury look with added accessories, then this is a top pick for you. Plain velvet keeps it simple and the look is enhanced with the right set of accessories. Don’t do too much as the fabric does the needful of lending its charm to the sofa set and other living room furniture. One solid feature of velvet fabrics is that it looks good on wooden as well as metal furniture.

Comfort of Boucle

Now, boucle is a fabric that may not lend as much a luxury quotient but it is a must have to balance luxury with comfort. It is a great fabric for throws, rugs and cushions and make them perfect for a snuggle after a tiring day. There is a story to this that in the late 1940’s, Florence Knoll asked Eero Saarinen to design a comfortable chair. The result was Saarinen’s iconic Womb Chair covered in a curled and durable textile named Boucle, derived from the French word meaning curled or ringed. So, bring some French comfort into your home with these fabrics.

Leather Love

Sofas and chairs made up of leather have an element of lustre that automatically makes them look opulent. Favourite shades are black or tan. Many are switching over to faux leather for animal concerns but it still remains a top seller of leather fabrics manufacturer in India as well as the world. 

New on the block – Hemp

Hemp and linen have similar qualities so we would definitely recommend hemp for soft rugs and carpets. Courser, natural hemp makes for a natural but a high affluence quotient fabric. As we said earlier, luxury can be in natural, environment friendly décor too!

Silk Royalty

If you are prepared for a high maintenance fabric, then silk is your answer to aristocracy but hard work to maintain. However, it is a very durable fabric, and with a mixture of texture and colors, it can create immensely beautiful home décor items. Only a few well-known upholstery fabrics manufacturers in India deal in silk, which is an exquisite home décor fabric. 

While there are various options available when it comes to a home furnishing fabric supplier, you must research on the fabric you like, and also keep in mind various factors such as the temperature, location, usage, size, and other things about your house before making the right choice.