Pet recycl fabric

PET Recycled Fabric Will Be Trending in 2024

With the entire world moving closer to a sustainable lifestyle, several industries, including the textile industry, have leaped to offer environment-friendly services. Since consumers are becoming more conscious about the environment, several look forward to switching to eco-friendly options. We are excited to introduce you to nature-friendly fabrics, one of which is PET recycled fabric, in order to meet the needs of our customers while helping the environment.

Many of you might not know RPET fabric, but we are sure PET recycled fabric will be trending in 2022. From home textile to ethnic wear, recycled RPET can be the go-to fabric. Are you curious to know more about it and take small steps towards sustainable living? 

What is PET recycled fabric?

PET recycled fabric, also known as RPET fabric, is a reusable, sustainable, and eco-friendly material produced from synthetic fibers. Recycled plastic is used to make the fabric that covers everything from home textiles to garments, minimizing the amount of plastic circulating in nature and encouraging a sustainable lifestyle.

How is it made?

Why should you shift to PET recycled fabric?


 As mentioned earlier, the main reason to shift to RPET fabric is that it is eco-friendly and does not contribute to pollution or cause less harm to the planet. Moreover, it reduces the availability of plastic by using it as raw material in the production process. The raw material and the final product are environment-friendly and safe for you and the planet. 

The fabric generates less carbon emission and resources such as water and energy. The plastic bottles are sanitized, dried, and crushed into small pellets or chips. These are then heated and spun to form strings of yarn and fibers. 

Outstanding properties

Although plastic is the raw material used in the making of PET recycled fabric, there is no compromise on the properties of the fabric. Firstly, the RPET fabric offers excellent strength and is suitable for rough and tough use. It is resistant to wear and tear and can serve for several years in a row. The material has low moisture absorption properties and is durable. 

RPET fabrics offer the same versatility as virgin polyester in terms of value addition like printing, embroidery, and dyeing. Hence these fabrics have wide-ranging applications. 

What are the applications of PET recycled fabric?

 You can use PET recycled fabric to manufacture various home textiles, and accessories like bags, suitcases, and ethnic wear. 

  • Home textile: This fabric is a convenient option for all home textiles like curtains, sofa covers, table mats, table runner, pillow covers, and chair covers, cushion covers. They are also an excellent choice for umbrellas, car seat covers, raincoats, and many other things. 
  • Clothing textile: Recycled PET textile is suitable for making jackets, trousers, and design costumes.. Moreover, it is the best choice for woven sportswear and athleisure wear.
  • Accessories: Again, RPET fabric can be a good choice for making purses, suitcases, hats, and caps. It is perfect for various backpacks such as mountaineering, shoulder, fashion, computer, and school backpacks.. 

Bottom line

No fabric comes at the cost of destroying our planet. Keeping this in mind, IndoWeave looks forward to offering you the best and most eco-friendly textile fabrics to serve all your needs. So, contribute to a sustainable environment by switching to PET recycled fabric for your products!