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Which Types of Fabrics Should Home Decor Retailers Buy this Season?

Welcome to the world of new normal, thanks to the oscillating Covid-19 restrictions and relaxations. A lot has changed in consumer behavior in the last two years and while we are all spending a lot of time indoors and enjoying it too, we also long for a scare-free relaxed walk in some of our favorite regular spots. Since shops and malls are now enjoying relaxed curbs, it is a great time to welcome new and old customers with refreshing new fabrics for upholstery. And upgrading your selection is not a big deal if you partner with a trusted home textile fabrics manufacturer.


As we are entering the beautiful and bountiful season of spring and summer, it is a great time to add timeless beauties like linen and cotton. Experiment with new eco-friendly fabrics like recycled polyester or play safe with velvets and textured dobby fabrics. As Pantone recommends, the dominating colors for spring-summer are pastel blue to evoke freshness, powdery pink for a somber and tender look, bright yellow, a quick reflection of spring, and earthy tones that were simplicity and peace prevail.
So, here is our recommendation to celebrate the spring-summer vibe at your store.

a) Introduce Eco-friendly Polyester

Sustainable textiles are going to rock homes in the years to come and it is one trend that is going to stay and be imbibed by customers. Polyester is widely used in home furnishing because of its versatility, sturdiness, and adaptability to value additions like printing and embroidery. Why not replace regular polyester with recycled polyester. It is manufactured by recycling PET bottles. It does everything just like virgin polyester but it is kind to the environment. While selecting a home furnishing fabric supplier, check for their GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certification. Try curtains in ivory or cocoa mocha tones and cushions in pastel blue in recycled polyester.
If your customers like bold prints, then this base can do justice to florals, paisleys, and more of the summer spring-inspired motifs.

Sustainable Fabrics

b) Try Textures instead of Prints

Dobby adds texture to the fabric and lends a premium look, making it a perfect choice for furniture upholstery, for instance, dining chairs, soft covers, benches, table linen, cushion covers, and more.
• The fabric is available in various solids and different weight
• Some trending patterns you would like to include in your assortment are herringbone, chevron, diamond, and checks.

Check out what’s being manufactured by export quality yarn-dyed fabric manufacturers to choose for your collection

c) Go Bohemian with Cotton and Linen

Most of the upholstery is made of cotton, as it is durable. More recently, boucle fabrics have become a staple of furniture designers and home couture houses. Boucle fabrics have been a prevalent trend since 2018 and they continue to evoke a wild, free-spirited vibe to homes, restaurants, and lounges.
• Whether it is a throw, plush pillow, or cushion, cotton and linen bohemian fabric provides a cozy vibe to any room.
• You can include neutral fabric shades in your stock, as these colors look fantastic with sand and off-white tones.
• Besides, you can go for striped patterns, embroidery, engraving, floral prints, and more.
It is the year of mild and sophisticated tones and fabrics that can offer a minimalistic and calm environment to their homes, where they can relax after a hectic Zoom call.
Every home textile fabric manufacturer is upping its ante to feed fresh ideas and trends to retailers, wholesalers, and other customers. One thing common across all is the comfort and vibe that fabric gives the consumer to make it a daily in their homes.