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Top 5 Fabric Picks for Luxury Sofa Sets | Indoweave Fabrics

A living room is a room full of tales, laughter, celebrations, sorrows, and fabrics. So we put in a lot of our time and effort to make it as cozy and stylish as possible. Some prefer it minimalistic, some contemporary, and others are rustic and traditional.

Whatever your visual appeal may be, luxury can be effortlessly sewn into every part of your living space with the selection of right upholstery materials and right colours. There are many other things that obviously aide the luxury quotient like the home décor items and lighting.

While choosing the upholstery fabric it is important to understand the fibre or material and keep in mind, all throughout, your practical needs too. After all, what good is a furniture if fails to serve your practical purposes. It is sometimes mistaken that if it is luxurious, it is not practical or comfortable.

So what comes to the mind when we think of luxury upholstery fabrics? Most common answer is leather, faux leather or velvet. Leather or faux leather can be a poor choice because of the weather conditions in India. Although it may spell certain nobility, it may not be great for Indian homes and homes with pets or toddlers.

Also, secretly, nobody really likes that strange sound of friction between clothes and leather. It can be quite awkward! Velvet is also a popular pick for arm chairs and sofa covers. It is soft, pliable and now available in beautiful colours. But if you prefer more breathable fabrics, then velvet is not an option.

Natural bases in natural colours have been trending. Our recommendation for luxury sofa sets is in natural and manmade fibre blend bases.

1. Linen – it is sturdy, breathable, looks classy and rich. We highly recommend linen or linen blended fabrics for upholstery to give that luxuriously panache look to the living room. Natural base linen is a no brainer selection and a safe bet. In linen, you can go with textured slub look that will add a relaxed look without compromising on the extravagance quotient. 

Linen when blended with other natural fibres like cotton, viscose, tencel makes it more soft and comfortable and sometimes also adds some luster. If you have more attention to detail, you may further look for blends and understand the right look, touch and feel before choosing the sofa fabric.

2. Cotton and viscose rich – cotton fabrics are an all-time favourite for inner and outer covers. Blending cotton with other natural fibers makes it a popular base for printing and dyeing. Talking of comfort, cotton and viscose, just like linen are breathable and make robust fabrics. Because of viscose element, the fabric drapes very well and gives the softest hand feel possible. Cotton viscose blended fabrics are out top pick for armchair upholstery. 

3. Cotton & Polyester blend – don’t be afraid to use polyester thinking it is not breathable. When intelligently blended with natural fibres like cotton, it can give a rich look to a simple cotton fabric. A mild slub look plain cotton/polyester blended fabric in earthy tones dwells well on a monochrome themed living room. The polyester content in the fabric makes it look patrician and cotton provides the comfort quotient.

4. Denim Linen – denim is associated usually with a young, rugged look as for long it has been used for apparel wear only. But now denim has also made its appearance in home furnishings. Its versatility is now being exploited by combining it with other fibres like linen. Denim linen blended fabrics are unique and when styled well make for a statement piece of sofa. Denim being made from 100% cotton and natural linen lend the coziness to the sofa and fabrics rich in linen lend style and luxury to the sofa sets. This fabric pick is very experimental and not for those who go the usual route for higher living.

5. Velveteen – for a very long time, velvets have been in fashion for high-end furniture upholstery because of the soft touch and aristocratic look. Velveteen comes in 100% polyester in trendy colours of deep blue, silver, copper-beige. If you are looking only for a supreme luxury look with added accessories, then this is a top pick for you. Plain velveteen keeps it simple and the look is enhanced with the right set of accessories. Don’t do too much as the fabric does the needful of lending its charm to the sofa set and other living room furniture. One solid feature of velveteen fabrics is that it looks good on wooden as well as metal furniture.