World of Linen Stretch Fabrics – What’s hot

Do you sometimes find yourself repeating the same pair of pants, denims or joggers even when you have plenty of other (linen) bottoms to choose from? I, at times, get obsessed with this one extra-comfy, soft-feel trousers which I pretty much land up wearing for grocery shopping or meeting friends or styling it up with a nice top and jewellery for a meeting. So many different ways with just one pair of those super amazing trousers. This happens mostly with cotton trousers or linen trousers because the material is just so perfect and makes you fall in love with it, immediately. 

Many designers, celebrities, and A-list people tip that a classic linen white shirt with linen khaki or beige pants is a must in your wardrobe. Because linen is great for a hot summer day, for a cozy winter evening, for brunch scenes with family or a casual dinner with friends or office colleagues or a dinner date. It is fuss-free and suits most occasions and moods. We will need to take a moment and applaud the sheer versatility of this wonder material – linen!  

But what is it we associate linen with? You may have mostly seen those wrinkled linen trousers, giving a relaxed lounge feel. The wrinkles and the bounce are a hallmark of linen fabrics. But some of us also like a neat, non-wrinkled look which is crisp but is comfortable too. We have been manufacturing linen blended fabrics for a very long time now and have done many variations in weaves and innovations in blends to make this timeless linen fabric even more wear-worthy.

Today, we will crisply discuss a trendy and popular blend that is, linen with spandex. Most fabrics in the market use spandex for cotton fabrics but making linen spandex fabrics is an in thing.  So what’s hot about the linen stretch pants? 

For just these three reasons, you must buy linen spandex trousers – 

1. Comfort: Like linen, linen spandex provides that extra comfort with the stretch. It is nice to have 3-4% spandex only as it helps to retain the elegance of linen. 

2. Wrinkle resistant: spandex helps to make the fabric wrinkle resistant. So it is a win-win – you have the cake and eat it too! You don’t have to worry about ironing the trousers and can don the crisp look effortlessly.

3. Longevity: longer life of the fabric can be attributed to of course linen. If you are thinking that the elasticity of spandex will wear off with several washes; then be rest assured, it doesn’t happen as if the fabric has maximum linen in the blend it automatically provides its longevity charm to the fabric. 

So now we hope you are clearly motivated to look for designs and colours that suit your taste. We can help you pick the linen spandex designs with our top five recommendations – 

  1. Fancy weaves for power dressing: go with a slight textured look in fancy weaves (a combination of weaves). The spandex-caused stretch seamlessly fits into the design of the fabric and enhances the look. It is perfect for everyday power dressing. Check out the colours to go for – olive, cream, silver grey and navy blue.

2. Chambray look for Business casuals: go for softness of linen and crisp look of spandex with a chambray look. The chambray look is used more for casual wear but the plain weave woven in different colours inspires a formal look too. This beautiful combination of weaves, colours, linen and spandex makes the fabric business casual friendly. Go for chambray look trousers for the Friday or weekend dressing. The mainstream chambray blue colour is perfect for casual wear while other colours like brown, beige, cream and black for business causal. 

3. Lightweight outdoor dressing: Try the drawstring linen spandex lightweight trousers for your beach vacation, lunch date with friends or that special someone. Natural linen colour fabrics with spandex are complete no nonsense and you possibly cannot wrong with it. Style it with wedges and a statement fabric belt to be chic and classy. 

4. Go Easy Breezy: Needless to say linen spandex tops the material chart for casual wear. Comfort is king in casual wear and what better than plain weave linen spandex pants. Nothing beats the easiness of such fabrics. Khakhi colour is the way to go for casuals!

5. Dress up for special occasions : In olive green, steel grey and navy blue, a cotton, linen and spandex blend can be the right mix for a dapper look for those special occasions. A twill dobby fabric (see in photo below), if stitched well can be your favourite go-to trouser for an important meeting or for attending special occasions. 

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of Linen Stretch pants right away!